samedi 11 octobre 2014

How To Choose Your Next Hair Dryer

Professional Hair Dryer

An essential tool to dry, straighten, curl and add more volume to your hair. The greater the hair dryer’s quality is, the more satisfying the results are. Choosing a hair dryer is not left to chance. Professional hairtools in general are robust and of great quality able to resist even the most intensive uses. Since they’re manufactured to function on a professional level, power breakdown problems are unlikely to happen. This means you can use your hair dryer for more than 30 minutes non-stop.
Practical!  Their power supply cord is long enough for better and easy usage. And finally, their concentrators are fine and concentrate the air to guarantee the greatest results possible.

Which hair dryer?

To choose a hair dryer that suits your hair, two things are to be taken into consideration:
1. Heat. Hair dryers range from
1000 Watts (travel hair dryers generally foldable) to 2500 Watts.
2. Speed of airflow. This depends on the motor and the design of the hair dryer. Ionic hair dryers feature the same technology as ceramic plates. When it heats, ceramic emits negatively-charged ions that seal the cuticle. Water smoothly glides through the hair and the latter dries quickly. This leaves the hair smoother and shinier.

For what purpose?

It’s important to know what you need to do with your hair dryer before buying it:
smooth brushing, you need a hair dryer with powerful heat flow and at least 1900 Watts or more according to your hair type.
For quick drying opt for a powerful ionic hair dryer with at least 1900 Watts.
Fine hair does not necessarily require much heat, but a hair dryer with powerful air flow helps to create lift at the roots and add maximum volume to the hair. Go for a hair dryer with a minimum 1600 Watts

For curly hair, attach a diffuser attachment that helps dry the curls without damaging them by evenly diffusing the air onto the hair. We can also dry fine hair by scrunching it while making sure the air does not come in direct contact with the curls.
For basic usage, a 1600 Watts hair dryer is enough.

Some hair dressers rely on low heat hair dryers for all drying purposes. 
However, the lower the heat, the more it takes to dry the hair.

Tip: to lock the style you desire into place, blast cool air from your hair dryer.